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Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio, RN, PhD, is available for in-house presentations for hospital and associations. Below is a list of her topics.  She can tailor any seminar to meet your organizational needs and time restraints. Her calendar is filling up fast, so if you or your organization is interested in having Dr. Vonfrolio perform one of her dynamic seminars please call Stephanie Carrasco at (800) 331-6534 Monday – Thursday 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. EST. Ms. Carrasco will help you plan a wonderful program which meets your goals and objectives.


North Central Planning Development Center, Ridgeway, PA  •   AACN, Chambersburg, PA
Specialty Education, Las Vegas, NV  •   Calvert Memorial Hospital, Prince Frederick, MD
Benefis Health Care, Great Falls, MT  •   Walter Reed Medical Center, Washington, DC
Frances M. Deaconess Hospital, Glasgow, MT  •   Rhode Island Hospital, Warwick, RI
Regional Medical Center, Hudson, FL  •   Columbia Regional Hospital, Columbia, MO
Palma Medical Center, Escondido, CA  •   Westchester Medical Center, Valhalla, NY
Earle Educational Enterprises, Charlotte, NC  •   NWCA AACN, Arlington Heights, IL
AACN Central Ohio Chapter, Columbus, OH  •   Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA
Vassar Brothers Medical Center, Pougkeepsie, NY  •   ENA Chapter, Sarasota, FL
Longwood Regional Medical Center, Fort Pierce, FL  •   US Airforce, Suitland, MD
VA Medical Center, Grand Junction, CO  •   University Hospital, Staten Island, NY
Thomas Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia, PA  •   JPS Hospital, Fort Worth, TX
Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, Bozeman, MT  •   PASNAP, Philadelphia, PA
Arizona Peri Anesthesia Nurses, Tucson, AZ  •   AACN, Chambersburg, PA
St. Vincent’s Healthcare, Billings, MT  •   Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, NY
HCA Reston Hospital, Reston, VA  •   Unity Health System, Rochester, NY
Crozier Chester, Upland, PA  •   MA Nurses Association, Framingham, MA
Wyoming Medical Center, Caper, WY  •   Washington ENA, Spokane, WA
Foccus Publications, Nashville, TN  •   University Hospital, Syracuse, NY
Genesis Hospital, Zanesville, OH  •   AACN Chapter, Seven Springs. PA
Frankfort Regional Medical Center, Frankfort, KY  •   AACN, Houston, TX
St. Joseph Hospital, Marshfield, WI  •   St. Mary’s Hospital, Madison, WI
1199 Training, Staten Island, NY  •   University of Medicine, Newark, NJ
AACN, Holbrook, NY  •   Mission Regional Medical Center, Mission, TX
Washington ENA, Bellingham, WA  •   WCAHEC, Grand Junction, CO
St. Patrick’s Hospital, Missoula, MT  •   Suny University, Syracuse, NY
Florida Medical Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL  •   AACN, Seattle, WA
Olean General Hospital, Olean, NY  •   Lima Memorial, Lima, OH
Baptist Hospital, Pensacola, FL  •   Union Hospital, Union, NJ
Adara Healthcare, Altoona, PA  •   St. Vincents, Cleveland, OH
St. Joseph’s Health System, Lexington, KY




**One Or Two Days**

This seminar is designed to provide acute care nurses who work in all types of adult critical care units and step-down units with an in-depth knowledge and clinical decision making and assessment skills related to a variety of challenging topics. Emphasis will be placed on assessment parameters and advanced interventions and strategies.

**Day One**

12 Lead EKG Interpretation: Reading a normal EKG, identifying patterns of ischemia, injury and infarction . . . identification of the location of infarction as well as complications of specific infarctions and nursing interventions.

Differentiating Ectopy From Aberrancy: Recognizing QRS changes in V1 with RBBB & LBBB . . . Differentiating aberrancy from ectopy, recognizing SVT with a block from Ventricular Tachycardia.

**Day Two**

IV Therapy: Overview of the different parenteral solutions and their indications. Understanding the complication of specific solutions and the particular solutions to give to specific patient conditions.

Endocrine Emergencies: This session will cover the pathophysiology and the nursing management of patients with an endocrine emergency. A review of: DKA, HHNK, SIADH, DI, adrenal insufficiency, myxedema coma and thyroid storm will be presented.

Breath Sounds, Heart Sounds And Heart Murmurs: Differentiation of normal and abnormal breath and heart sounds. An in-depth presentation of an anatomy of a murmur . . . Monitoring breath and heart sounds as indicators of patient progress.

Neurological Assessment: How to perform a quick neurological assessment. Understanding what the clinical findings indicate in terms of your patient’s prognosis. Nursing interventions for decreasing you patient’s intracranial pressure,who to do, what not to do.

ABG Interpretation: A quick and easy way, a two-step approach for ABG interpretation with be presented.



**One Day Course**

The focus is Hemodynamic Monitoring and ACLS Prep Review. Seminar content is packed with life-saving information that will help you improve your patient’s survival. Case studies will be used to demonstrate independent judgments and rapid interventions.



**One Day Course**

Concentration will be on how to use and interpret hemodynamic data and waveforms in combination with vital signs, EKG changes, and patient assessment findings. Reading a normal EKG, how to identify patterns of ischemia, injury, and infarction . . . identification of the location of infarction as well as complications of specific infarctions and nursing interventions. Differentiating ectopy from aberrancy will also be covered.



**One Day Course**

This is an intense, fact-paced, one day comprehensive review of Emergency Nursing designed for those nurses preparing to take the CEN Certification Examination, as well as for those nurses interested in updating, enhancing their knowledge base in emergency nursing.



**One or Two Day Course**

This course prepares nurses interested in taking the CCRN examination as well as those nurses interested in updating and reviewing their critical care knowledge. The following systems are covered:  cardiovascular, pulmonary, endocrine, hemotology, neurological, gastrointestinal, and renal.



**Condition Critical: What Nurses Need, What Nurses Want**
1 hour 15 minutes

This keynote will fire everyone up!  Discussion topics include short staffing, dissatisfied nurses, poor nurse patient ratio’s, mandatory overtime, inadequate benefit and retirement packages.  Other topics covered include: Unionization, Magnet Status, Media and Nursing, Nursing Corporations, and the most important, solutions for professional rights and responsibilities.  Get ready for a presentation that will make some audience members…uncomfortable, but the majority – glad to be a nurse!

1 hour and 30 minutes.

Want to start a business, but not sure what kind? This nurse entrepreneur of four companies will give you ideas and will explain all the “how to’s” of starting a business. Great ideas and suggestions are presented. Opportunities abound for the nursing profession!

1 hour and 30 minutes.

The title says it all. This presentation is NOT intended for those nurses that work and live in denial. It’s time to stop howling (everyone is ignoring us anyway), rise up off our haunches and create an environment that no longer wounds us! Gain an awareness of those things we do as nurses that causes us to self- destruct.



**You must call the contact person directly to register for the seminars below.**

2019 DATES


July 25-26, 2019 Midland, TX

Two Day CCRN Review

Contact: Aimee Marshall BSN, RN @ Midland Memorial Hospital

(432) 221-4560 or


August 8 & 9, 2019 Orlando, FL

Two Day CCRN Review

Contact: Suzanne Tubbs, President of Metro Orlando

Chapter AACN at