Mastering Hemodynamic Monitoring & 12 Lead EKG Interpretation

## Awards for 7 Contact Hours

You will be an expert in Hemodynamic Waveform Readings & 12 Lead EKG Interpretation! You will return to your clinical setting with a more complete understanding in identifying 12 Lead EKG & interpreting abnormal waveform configurations!

The Morning Session focuses on Hemodynamic Monitoring Concentration will be on how to use and interpret hemodynamic data and waveforms in combination with vital signs, EKG changes, and patient assessment findings.

* Clinical significance of abnormal & normal hemodynamic waveforms A, C & V waves
* Alteration in PAP, PCWP, PAWP, PAOP associated with diseases.
* Obtaining accurate readings – errors/variations in techniques.
* Troubleshooting – causes of damping, over-wedging, and catheter whip.
* How PEEP affects wedge pressures & calculations to obtain accurate readings.

The Afternoon Session focuses on 12 Lead EKG Interpretation Reading a normal EKG, how to identify patterns of ischemia, injury, and infarction. . . identification of the location of infarction as well as complications of specific infarctions and nursing interventions.

* Read a 12 Lead EKG EASILY by using a systematic approach.
* Recognize location of cardiac muscle injury seen in specific leads.
* Determine axis deviation utilizing a “2 Lead Approach”
* Anticipate complications specific for Inferior, Anterior, Septal, and Lateral wall infarctions.


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