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Experience God’s Presence: New Edition By Melissa Lanza,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

Experience God’s Presence: Journal By Melissa Lanza

Dear Colleague,
An exciting opportunity to explore Chile and Argentina’s rich cultural heritage, as well as their healthcare system and nursing care, is described in the links below.  By meeting with your counterparts in Chile and Argentina directly, and by visiting health care settings as well as meeting with actual contemporary artists in Chile and Argentina, you will be able to explore and learn about culture of these two South American countries (art, dance, music, literature, architecture, cuisine as well as interaction and communication styles, language, & beliefs), and to learn about their health care system including care of patients across the lifespan, care of the elderly, mental health, health promotion, as well as nursing and other health professions education.
Link to the McFarland/Sparks-Early Chile & Argentina Delegation web page & itinerary:
Link to a 1 page flyer with highlights:
For additional information, please contact the Delegation leader—Dr. Trudi McFarland, RN, FAAN, at or call 703-830-7267

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