Hemodynamic Monitoring & 12 Lead EKG Interpretation


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If you work with pulmonary artery catheters and EKGs, these audio and video review materials were created especially for you. Critical Care authority Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio, RN, PhD, will teach you how to expertly identify 12 Lead EKG and interpret normal and abnormal hemodynamic waveform configurations. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Critical Care nurse, this knowledge will make a real difference in patient care when you return to your clinical setting. ##TOPICS INCLUDE: * Clinical significance of abnormal and normal hemodynamic waveforms and A,C & V waves * Alterations in PAP,PCWP,PAWP,PAOP associated with diseases * Obtaining accurate readings and errors/variations in techniques * Troubleshooting causes of dampening, overwedging and catheter whip * How PEEP affects wedge pressures and calculations to obtain accurate readings * Reading a 12 Lead easily by using a systematic approach * Recognizing the location of cardiac muscle injury seen in specific leads * Determining axis deviations utilizing a “2 Lead Approach” * Anticipating complications specific for Inferior, Anterior, Septal and Lateral Wall Infarctions

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HEMO & 12 LEAD DVD – $80.00, HEMO & 12 LEAD DVD – INSTITUTIONAL PACKAGE (includes 20 booklets/post-tests/CH’s) – $350.00, HEMO & 12 LEAD CD – $80.00, HEMO & 12 LEAD CD – INSTITUTIONAL PACKAGE (includes 20 booklets/post-tests/CHs) – $350.00